Sustainability Policy

What sustains the environment; sustains us.

It’s a profoundly simple idea that seems drastic to put into practice in a global community that depends on the complex, interconnected systems we have created.

At TBCx, we believe we have the knowledge and, certainly, the desire to share our experience in helping communities create sustainable systems. These are systems that demonstratewhat we think the essence of sustainability is: an attitude that exemplifies caring about this andfuture generations.

This is why we are proud that our office space is a LEED Gold facility.

Spectrum Office LEED Medallion

TBCx Headquarters

324 S. State St. Suite 400b
Salt Lake City, UT 84111

Internal Action Policy

We are actively engaged in reducing whatever waste we produce in our operation, including reducing our paper use. For thewaste we do generate, we work with local partners to responsibly divert it from ever reaching the landfill by recycling and re-us- ing whenever possible. We have diverted nearly 41,000 pounds over the past 10 years.

  • Paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, aluminum cans, printer toner cartridges and batteries are recycled.
  • We do not use paper or plastic plates, utensils or cups.
  • For all of our end-of life IT equipment, Recycle Solutions is our e-waste collection partner.