Whole Building Commissioning

Starting with design and continuing through the life of the building, commissioning is a process of review, inspection, and testing to verify that the performance of the building systems meets the requirements of the owner and the intent of the designers.

Benefits of Commissioning

Enhanced Occupant Comfort

Reduced Operational Costs

Energy Performance Goals

Reduced RFIs and Call-Backs

Commissioning Services

LEED Commissioning

LEED (an Internationally recognized Green Building Standard) requires commissioning (Cx) to assure that all the energy consuming systems perform as designed. We provide Fundamental Cx, Enhanced CX  and Monitoring-Based CX to assure project certification.


Site surveys, energy audits energy improvement analysis and implementation assistance for energy improvement projects.

Mechanical Cx

 HVAC, Plumbing, Fuel systems, Medical Gases and Controls systems commissioning

Electrical Cx

 Emergency power and lighting controls commissioning

Fire Protection Cx

 Wet suppression systems, fire alarm, pre-action, fire pump and smoke control systems commissioning


Access control and surveillance systems commissioning

Technology Cx

Audio Visual, nurse call, DAS, Over-head paging systems commissioning

Building Envelope Cx

Building Envelope Commissioning (BECx) plays an important role in how much energy the building uses, occupant comfort, and is a critical component for meeting High-Performance building standards. BECx assures that the building “skin” and component assemblies are installed correctly and function as designed.

For the entire Commissioning process, TBCx uses CxAlloy® – a cloud-based software that offers real-time project reporting for the commissioning process.