Design Optimization

We assist Owners, Architects and Engineers in meeting their energy efficiency goals. Using energy modeling, we provide designers with actionable information that optimizes building performance, maximizes comfort and minimizes operating costs.

Energy Modeling

TBCx helps owners reduce their utility bills by leveraging the most advanced energy modeling software available. This assists design teams in creating energy efficient buildings on realistic budgets. Efficient buildings leave owners with more cash, more comfortable people and a healthier environment.

Interactive Design Studies

We work best as part of a team! By supporting design from scoping through construction documents, TBCx works with Architects and Engineers to provide actionable information that results in buildings that owners and occupants are happy with.

HVAC Optimization

HVAC systems use most of the energy in a building, so it pays to look closely at their first cost as well as their utility costs. Using energy modeling, TBCx can provide comparative studies between any HVAC systems so designers can make the best decisions for the project.

Envelope Optimization

By optimizing glazing, air infiltration, wall and roof insulation, HVAC systems can often be reduced in size and occupant comfort increased. As part of an integrated building, TBCx can help find the right balance between investing in the envelope and the mechanical system.

Daylight Optimization

Everyone knows day-lit spaces are healthier environments for people to be in. TBCx can simulate daylighting to comply with rating systems or simply to help design beautiful spaces.

Life Cycle Cost Analysis

Need to make an expensive decision? TBCx uses detailed life cycle costing on every design assistance project to help our clients invest their money where it provides the best return.

LEED Energy Modeling

Since no other credit provides half as many points as Optimize Energy Performance, it’s important to score well! TBCx has the experience necessary to help guide design teams to efficient buildings that easily meet their LEED certification goals.